Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The one where I became a Research Specialist

Today was my first day of training at my new job and if you read the title, I finally figured out my new job title! I am a "Research Specialist"! I was nervous about the job, and still am a little bit, but my trainers both clearly loved their job so it put me at ease. The core of my job will be approaching people and asking them if they want to take a quick survey about something they had experienced in the parks. Sometimes it's about something specific. Sometimes it's about their trip in general. I was worried, thinking it'd be hard to get people to do the survey, but according to my trainers, a lot of people like giving their opinion on Disney World!  So that was helpful. My main other concern was the fact that my job requires me to stand outside all day. And, well, I won't know how that one works out until I get a really hot day and see if I can handle it. Most importantly, it just felt SO good to be working! Not only is it a distraction from stressing over things (my car, my eye, my overall lack of funds, ya know) but it's just fun to be back at Disney! 

Since my job is technically only part-time,  I will only FOR SURE be working Thursday, Friday and Saturday in my Research Specialist role. I can then pick up hours in the same role or at my old job at the Emporium to get full time hours. I'm also looking at getting a second, non-Disney job to work around this one. We'll see! I'm not going to worry about that too much until I get into the swing of this job. 

I also found out that my "home park" (the main park I'll be working at) is the Magic Kingdom!! I'm so very excited about this because I have experience with MK and will be sharing a break room with my friends at Main Street West! =) 

My new "costume" is considerably more normal than the high-waist skirt, poofy-shoulder shirt and tie combo I wore at the emporium. Now I get to wear some very fashion-forward khaki shorts with PLEATS that are soooooo incredibly awesome looking that it's a wonder women all over the world aren't requesting to buy them. The khaki pant option is even better, what with their tapered ankle and all, but sadly I think I'm gonna forgo that option and play the "I'm from Minnesota and I can handle the coldest weather Florida has, while in shorts!" card all year round! As far as my shirt goes, it's just a white button down! And I get to wear tennis shoes! Woooo! Anyways, my costume ages me about 30 years (hello mom pants!) so I imagine I'll remain single for a long long time, or at the very least, I imagine I'll randomly get desires to own a mini-van or tell a kid to use their "inside voice". ;)

All joking aside, things are going pretty well! I'm loving rooming with Michelle again. I'm not going to want to move out, it's so much fun living with her. But I have to move out soon-ish, so eventually I'll be getting new roommates and a new apartment! 

My eye is getting better. It's not red or painful at all but my vision is STILL blurry. Hopefully it gets better soon. The doc said 2 weeks, it hasn't even been 1, I'm just impatient when it comes to my eye sight. Can you blame me? I happen to like seeing. 

Now I just need to get in the habit of going to bed at normal hours and I'll be all set! With that said, I'm gonna attempt to fall asleep NOW! Night all! 


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