Saturday, October 24, 2009

The one where I moved...again...

Greetings from Orlando! Some of you may be confused, thinking such thoughts as "I thought she was in Nashville..." if you're in that boat, I'd suggest you read my last post =)

Last Wednesday, I packed up my belongings and headed south. I was already scared about making the drive alone, but the night before I left, my vision was really blurry. I didn't think much of it and hoped it'd be better by morning. It wasn't. If anything, it was worse. Not wanting any excuse to stop me from going, I figured if I could see the lines on the road and the cars in front of me, I'd be fine. Halfway to my stopping point for the night, I stopped because my eye was burning and tearing up like I was bawling my eyes out. I tried to put some drops in it and that just made it worse. I stopped at my friend Charlie's place south of Atlanta. We had a fun time, played some Beatles Rock Band which was WAY fun, and got to catch up. It was hard though, to really enjoy the time with an eye that hurt so bad. Knowing I couldn't drive another 7 hours when I didn't even like opening my eyes, I went to the eye doctor.

Apparently, I have a very serious eye infection that's been brewing for a month or so, somehow caused by my contacts. The doctor put some numbing drops in my eyes that at least made the pain go away but said there is scarring on my cornea causing the blurriness. The blurry vision is supposed to go away in about 2 weeks. The drops I have are already making my eye look a lot better (no redness and no pain) but the scarring will be the last thing to heal apparently. The doctor was very nice and very patient and answered all my questions, so for that I am grateful. And if I'm going to need any medical attention at all, without health insurance right now, I guess the least expensive medical attention is probably eye care so let's hope that this is my only health problem until my health insurance at my NEW JOB kicks in!!

Speaking of which, I officially have a job now!! It is not my 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice in jobs at Disney World but that's okay, I'm just happy to be employed again and the people I interviewed with and have talked to since seem so nice, I'm excited to meet them! I forget my official title, something including the words Marketing and Research (like I said, kinda sorta related to my major), but basically my job is to survey guests at Disney about the various topics Disney would like guest feedback on, like their feelings on a certain attraction, restaurant, store etc. It is technically only part-time but I will be working full-time hours between my new job and picking up shifts at the emporium (the store I worked at previously at the Magic Kingdom). I also have the option of looking for a job outside of Disney and only working the Marketing Research job 3 days of the week, so we'll see what happens!

My friend Michelle, who I lived with the first half of my College Program, is letting me stay a her place until I figure out my living situation. Hopefully I'll find some roommates to live with in the near future, but for now it's fun living with her and it's great to know I have some time to figure it all out.

My car is once again in the shop, not surprising with my luck lately, but I'm hoping it's less serious this time. Right after I left the doctor's office where I was told I have a serious eye problem, I was in at a stop light and my car just TURNED OFF. I resisted the urge to panic and tried restarting it, it restarted just fine. Perhaps against my better judgement, I decided to just press my luck and wait to get it checked out in Orlando (if I made it there!!) because at this point, neither the car nor its operator were functioning properly. Scared it was a battery issue, I turned EVERYTHING off in the car. No A/C, no lights, no RADIO. Needless to say I was just a ball of nerves barreling down the freeway hoping to make it to Orlando safely, which I did, praise the Lord! I took my car to get looked at and apparently there is a "Massive Oil Leak". I asked the woman if said leak could cause a car to just turn off and she said yes, so hopefully that's the ONLY problem.

My first night in Orlando, I went out to Ohana's at the Polynesian to celebrate my friend Sheena's birthday. We (and by we I mostly mean my friends since I'm partially blind) saw the fireworks at Magic Kingdom from our table at the restaurant so that was pretty sweet! They even play the fireworks music in the restaurant, so that was fun!

Other than that, I've just been focused on getting settled and running errands so I'm ready to start work on Tuesday! It's been a whirlwind of ups and downs lately, and I'm hoping soon it will all start to be a little more routine with a lot less eye/car problems (or any other problems for that matter). I have two more days of seeing friends and getting stuff done then it's time to get to work, and after being unemployed for two months, I couldn't be more excited!


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