Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The One about my change of heart

This is going to be a quick one that may or may not lack the wit/charm I like to think my other posts have =) After a little over a month in Nashville with no promising jobs on the horizon, my finances and confidence in my abilities have been at an all time low. Nashville wasn't all I hoped it would be and I was lacking the iron-will necessary to persevere in a bad economy- not to mention the fact that I was trying to break into an industry where who you know is everything. On top of that, my recent trip to Disney World reminded me of how much I love it there. When I came back from Disney World in May  I was depressed for about 2 weeks and tried to convince myself that it wasn't as great as I thought and to just move on. But after going back in September, and feeling happy again like I hadn't felt in months, I felt like Disney was where I was supposed to be- where I would be happy. I tried fighting it and continued to search for jobs in Nashville but nothing was working. Most of the jobs I applied for didn't even have the courtesy to send me a rejection email. I understand that getting a job in 1 month isn't always easy, but I was faced with the reality that if I didn't take a job to just get by (like retail or something), I would continue to to be unemployed for a long time. I didn't want to take just any job in Nashville...I couldn't....not while feeling like I wanted to be at Disney anyways.

So on a whim while job hunting, I looked at jobs available at Disney World. I applied for a few I really wanted and a few I thought I could handle. It's not official, but I did end up getting offered a job at Disney World! My first job with no set end-date and is kinda sorta related to my major. (I'll tell you abut the job more later because I am technically not supposed to know I got it yet and I'm probably breaking all sorts of Disney rules by telling you I got a job, and you know me, I play be the rules =)

Basically, it's been 3 weeks of anguish....wondering and debating if Nashville or Orlando was where I was should be (Minnesota wasn't really an option to me since I am anti-winter). I am in no way giving up my dreams of working in the music industry. I will still be looking at opportunities in Orlando and also opportunities to combine my love for music and my love for Disney into one - perhaps by helping plan some Disney Special events that they bring in big artists for...who knows!

If I've learned anything it's that I can't predict or even plan my own future. God is 100% in control and I just have to follow the path He lights for me. I prayed over and over again not to be offered this Disney job if it was going to be something I didn't like or couldn't handle and got offered it anyways, so I like to think it means I CAN handle it and I will like it (but being a optimist tried and true, I always make the best of what I've got and I know I'll make it work, even if it's not my dream job).

I'm so glad I came to Nashville, I feel like I can continue on my journey and have no regrets. I got to know my friends Jon and Shanelle a lot better, and for that I am grateful. Tami, Shanelle's mom and the woman I lived with, made living here enjoyable/ really hard to say goodbye to...she also happened to turn me into a person who likes cats (in addition to dogs) and I will miss Jon, Shanelle, Tami and the 3 cats quite a bit.Who knows, maybe I'll end up back here one day when the timing/economy is better and people are actually hiring, but for now I'm off to start a career with Disney!

So now you know! It's been hard keeping everything to myself but I had to until I figured it out for myself because my mind was changing every day. But I am feeling good about the choice and I leave for Orlando tomorrow!!! I am very scared to drive the 12 hour trip by myself in a car that broke down not too long ago, so please say a prayer for safe travels okay!? I'd really appreciate that. I'm driving 6 hours tomorrow and 6 hours on Thursday so feel free to call me and keep me company while I'm on the road! Anyways, I gotta get to bed. Have to get up early to finish packing.

PS I had a fortune cookie the other day that said "You will be surrounded by friends in your time of need" and it couldn't be more true. Through everything, car troubles, computer troubles, bank troubles, job troubles, at the end of the day I still always feel very rich and happy due to the great people in my life.


Anonymous said...

Mother Allie,

Congratulations!!! I have been keeping up with your life via this blog, reading every one like a stalker, and waiting for something great to happen for you because you deserve it so. I'm very excited to hear more about this. Drive safely.


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