Monday, October 5, 2009

The one where I'm all alone

First of all, can I just say that I can't believe it's October! Seriously! I've moved into a different month since my big move to Nashville and I have to say, that's pretty insane! My computer SEEMS to be working fine for now and I'm praying it stays that way. After 3 days of working on it myself, I finally went "Aha!" and posted my computer's symptoms on a Microsoft Message board for some amazingly nerdy guy to help me get to the root of the problem. Low and behold, I followed his instructions and my computer functions once again. It was something to do with having too many anti-virus software programs installed since APPARENTLY you're only supposed to have 1 or they mess each other up. I had 3. =) I guess there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! I think those mac commercials about PCs being so virus prone really got to my brain but jokes on them (haha not really) a virus wasn't the problem, virus software was! Oh my word PCs, you've outdone yourself this time. 

Anyhow, not a lot is new with me and nothing is new with me in the job search. I look and apply and they look and deny. ha. It's a pretty fun game...NOT! On top of that, Tami and Shanelle are out of the country until October 13th so that leaves me with Chase, Jasmine and Patch (Tami's 3 cats) to talk to...and TRUST me, I do talk to them! The cats keep me very entertained that's for sure. Chase is my buddy. He's not even a year old and is very playful. Patch is a staggering 19 years old! I look into his eyes and swear I see wisdom only a 19 year old cat could have (like where the best places to nap and eat are). He sleeps 90% of the day and is often the victim of Chase's attacks. It's playful to Chase but scary for Patch so I usually play referee and break it up. Jasmine can be described in one word: psychotic. She'll nuzzle you and make you think she wants to be pet but get within an inch of her and she'll hiss at you and try to bite you. Crazy crazy cat I tell you. Luckily she sleeps all the time and only attempts to bite me about 10 times a day. For the record, I'm still not a cat person but I've been alone in this house for 5 days (and counting) and the cats are probably the only thing keeping me from going certifiably insane. 

This weekend was a weekend that made me really wish I was back home in Minnesota. The twins played their last regular season game EVER in the metrodome, Hanson played at 1st Ave and it's my mom's Birthday on Tuesday. I hear it's getting cold there and actually wouldn't mind a nice cool day in jeans and a sweatshirt to go for a walk and see the fall colors! Alas, I cannot but I am excited for the fact that the Viking vs Packer game is on Monday Night Football so I can actually watch it (unlike the Twins game today that wasn't broadcast here)! Tomorrow I'm actually going to leave the house - yay! - to go to Jon and Shanelle's apartment to watch the big game. As long as Jon cheers for the Vikes, it'll be a fun time =) 

If this blog were a movie, these two weeks would have to be summarized by a movie montage.I imagine it'd look something like this... Allie playing with the cats. Allie sleeping. Allie attempting to start the lawn mower and failing. Allie watching TV. Allie staring at the ceiling after doing 10 sit ups. Allie looking for jobs. Allie laughing at her own jokes while sitting at her computer. 

I don't know about you guys but I'd pay 10 bucks to see that. Heck, I'd even spring for popcorn..if I had a coupon, cuz who am I kidding, I am unemployed.

Off to go watch an episode of Criminal Minds I dvr'd and hopefully not get nightmares! 


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