Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The one where I'm annoyingly vague and have no real news

Recently I celebrated my one-month anniversary of moving to Nashville! Can you believe it? I can't. I see you all got my memo about not sending cards or gifts lol so thanks for following my wishes ;)  A month has flown by thus proving that time doesn't just fly when you're having fun... it also flies when you watch too much TV and rarely leave the house, ha. The job search here hasn't been all that I had hoped for. I get that we're in a recession so maybe I had my hopes too high but I also didn't want to go around making the recession an excuse for me not to try. I will tell you this I had a job interview and I think it went pretty well! I will know by the end of the week if I got it or not so.... I'm going to make you all wait to find out what the job was for/where it is located, sound fair? =)

Now onto the REAL news....

Today I woke up to find that keys 7, 8 and 9 on my phone hardly light up, which is so incredibly random and really bears no effect on anything at all other than the fact that my phone is not going to be as helpful when I use it as a flashlight. I may, also, not be able to call you in the event that all of the following things occur simultaneously:
1.) It's night time
2.) Your number isn't programmed into my phone already or I have to scroll to your name in my phone book with a PQRSTUVWXYZ (the letters on the respectively dim keys)
3.) I have gloves on making it difficult if not impossible to differentiate the keys from one another

All of this can be fixed however by calling me if you want to talk to me since the "Answer" key works great and I am free AAAAALLLLLL THE TIIIIMMMMEEE! If I don't answer, it's more than likely because my phone was on silent because it was beeping so much I had to make it stop (Twitter is to blame so feel free to send more real texts), or because I'm watching a really good episode of Golden Girls (and am too lazy to press pause since everything I watch these days is TIVOd.)

In my oodles of spare time that I wish I filled making myself a better person, I have found that reading Craigslist personals, temporarily, makes me feel better lol. The personals are usually exactly who you want to stay away from while the "Missed Connections" listings can sometimes be heart warming. If you don't know what those are, it's where someone goes onto Craigslist and writes about someone they like or just met but have no way of getting a hold so they reach out via CL hoping they read it. Most are really boring, but some are so sweet and some are just hilarious. Today I came across this one, posted on Orlando's CL:

"To the Girl from the Northern Midwest"
I think you are from either Minnesota, or Wisconsin. Either place...
I'm infatuated with your accent,
i cant help but long for the sight of your rosy cheeks, pale colored skin, and general cheeriness, when you ask me for a pop. (whatever the hell that means)
I blush, and shy away like flower the skunk from bambi when we make eye contact. I have such a bad crush on you. I wish you would be as aggressive with flirting, as you are with that painfully midwestern work ethic. Maybe next time you pause for a break, we can make out in the broom closet.

your secret admirer.

It's probably only funny to me since I'm a girl from Minnesota, but it's by far the most unique one I've ever seen. Anyways, I should probably attempt to get some sleep! If you read this whole thing, awesome! I'm hoping you don't hate me for filling your brain with such useless facts about my life. Feel free to return the "favor" by telling me any one of the following useless facts about yourself in which I cannot gaurantee I will consciously remember but will no doubt take up a cell in my brain for all of eternity:
1) What day your garbage gets picked up
2) The names of all your previous pets
3) What you did for your 4th grade science experiment
4) If you have "hitch hikers thumb" or not
5) Random facts of your own choosing are acceptable as long as they are posted in the comment section or texted to me directly. The more random, the better.


Anonymous said...

I am only replying because I REALLY don't want to get ready for work yet, so...

1)I take my garbage out whenever I want but usually it sits hidden in the closet until someone notices the smell. otherwise my apt has takes out it's trash on Wednesday
2)Baby(first fish of many), Mr. Turtle (tutle), Joy (guinnea pig), Julie (Rabbit), Popcorn (a chicken), several hamsters i don't remember their names, Mackie (dog), Mike (dog), Sam (dog)
3)I made a 'question-answer' box where you put an electrode on a question and another on the supposed answer-if you're correct a light bulb lights up. However, the day of the fair i was dared by other students to hook both electrodes to my sexy braces; i did and was shocked backwards and tasted aluminum for weeks (glad to know my intelligence continued to develop past fourth grade)
4) No
5) i miss yoU!


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