Thursday, December 3, 2009

The One with Kris Allen and Christmas!

Today Emily and I went to the Magic Kingdom to see this awesome guy sing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. It was a fun experience. He didn't talk much, just sang the song 3 times, waved to the crowd and went on his way but it was cool! I just love seeing how things like the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade are put together, even if it means seeing Nick Cannon repeat the same lines 3 times over!
Despite the huge camera behind us, my camera was the only camera that caught footage of us two ladies throughout the day. We just didn't stand in the right spots to be in the crowd shots but that's Aokay with me! So no need to try to find us in the crowd on Christmas day, fairly certain we'll be no where in site despite the fact that we were up pretty close!  
Nick Cannon was looking festive in a red velvet suit, too bad it was like 70 degrees and he was right in the sun! He was a pro though! He'd squint when the cameras were off but when the cameras were on, he somehow managed to appear as though the sun wasn't bothering him at all! You could tell he really was a nice, funny guy too. He'd mess up his lines here and there but just kept smiling and kept rolling.


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