Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The One with Snuggies

In an effort to continue the exponential growth of the world phenomenon known as the Snuggie, Emily and I decided to test the claims in the oh-so-convincing Snuggie ad campaign. Can you REALLY change the channel of the TV while staying warm!? It seemed too good to be true, we had to test it for ourselves...

Unbelievable!! Talking on the phone AND using the computer at the same time while looking fashionable in the popular zebra print Snuggie.

 The most obvious use for a Snuggie: sleeping! Duh!
Yet they never seem to show you that on TV, what are they hiding?!

 Guitar Hero + Snuggie = Ultimate Christmas Gift Combo

Someone just told me the Snuggie will now be available in purple giraffe print!

Wow, doesn't she look warm while changing the TV station!? If she had a regular ol' blanket
her entire arm would have indeed fallen off due to frostbite.

Celebrities should wear them in public because they also happen to make a great way to hide from the paparazzi. Of course if they wear one in public no one will think you're famous anyhow, so really, why AREN'T the celebs wearing these on Rodeo Drive already?!? I think I just started a trend

This photo is so rock and roll I can see it being printed in Rolling Stone
with the headline "Move over Jimi Hendrix, Emily Hendricks has arrived!"

And, as those famous ads show, you really CAN watch sports in a snuggie! The question is no longer can you really do all those things in a snuggie, because we've proven, against all odds, that you can.
But the real question, the one burning on everyone's mind is....
when will it be socially acceptable to wear a snuggie everywhere!?


Anonymous said...

Oh my freaking goodness I wish I had been there for this. I'm beyond jealous. How do you have 2 snuggies hahaha?! Love you both, can't wait to see youuuuuu.


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