Sunday, December 6, 2009

The (Second) One where I moved - just not as far

If you've been following along, you know that I moved to Orlando and into my friend Michelle's apartment as a temporary solution while I figured out a place to live. Well, it's December 6th (can you believe it!?) and I moved into a house in Kissimmee this week I'm not going to lie, I have extremely mixed emotions about it. It feels soooo far away (there are 2 tolls to and from work) and when people ask me where I live, I honestly have no idea how to describe it to anyone. "It's next to a Walgreens?" is my pathetic attempt. Well, just about every place is next to a Walgreens around here.

It was a much needed move though, since I couldn't cramp Michelle's space any longer. I'm enjoying having my own room once again, but I do miss girl talk with Michelle every night! The house I live in now is most definitely a shade of pink! Go figure, I live in a pink house! There are palm trees in the front and a pool in the back so I can't complain! (although it's WAY too cold to swim!) I live with Emily Hendricks (for those of you who don't know, I grew up with her back home and we were practically neighbors) and her boyfriend Will- they both work at Magic Kingdom so hey, maybe we can all car pool someday! How cute, right!? haha

Work has been getting a lot better..or maybe I'm getting a lot better at my work!? lol I am not sure which is which but after a while, rude people just bug you less and when people say no to doing a survey, you just don't care anymore because it happens all the time and the next person will probably say yes.

If you're back in Minnesota, I'm hoping to be able to come home in January, so put that in the back of your mind and I'll keep you posted on dates. I won't be home for Christmas sadly, but I'll be off work, with nothing to do, so feel free to call =)

This week I'm hoping to finally get to see Mark & James play on Friday then maybe hit up a concert with Boys Like Girls, The Ting Tings, Ke$ha, Cobra Starship,  and Hey Monday. It's just been waaaaaaay too long since I've been to a concert!

Bonus Features:
1. I had to get new sheets for my new bed and I totally nerded out because I am not kidding you, I found sheets "inspired by" Cinderella but are PINK, even though Cindy is all about the blue ya know, so the fact that they're pink is like a miracle. Basically, they are the prettiest sheets ever and am fairly certain the fairy godmother herself wove them just for me.

2. On tuesday I'm interviewing for the job I already have, weird, right? I'm technically only part time and apparently you have to be interviewed to get statused as full time. How do you interview for a job you already have? I'm confused.

3. Yesterday at work, I was recruiting people to participate in a Food & Beverage survey and I stopped this lovely couple from the United Kingdom and the most hilarious thing happened. I asked them if they would be willing to take 5 minutes to go sit and complete this survey and they said in their cute accents "Well that's alright." So I was like, "ok, well have a great night!" and moved on to find someone else. A minute later, the guy I work with comes over and is like, the people you were just talking to are sitting inside waiting to do the survey. I was like umm, what people!? WELL turns out, that while Americans say "That's alright" as a means of saying no, English people say "That's alright!" like they'd say "Jolly good!" except apparently no one says "jolly good" anymore, so I'm told. So the cute couple saw themselves over to do the survey and probably thought I was the most weird girl ever but they were so awesome and the whole exchange made my night (in addition to my awesome co-worker who pretty much prevented me from going into a major meltdown lol) Anyways, that was waaaaay too long of a bonus feature, but there ya go! Have a good one folks!


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