Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The one about Positive Thoughts

So lately it seems everything I touch turns to crap. My car and computer are a testament to that. The car is fixed (praise the Lord!) and hopefully my computer will be fixed too. I just have NO idea what is even wrong with it! Yesterday I called my mom and just bawled my eyes out because nothing is going anywhere. I can't even say nothing is going according to plan because it implies things are at least going in some direction, but they're not lol. But sometimes all you need is a good cry to be like, okay, got that out of my system, now I can focus on what I need to do. 

When everything in your life seems to be in disarray, the small glimmers of something good are actually like huge beacons of awesomeness. One of my favorite actors is Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds. Matthew is so awesome that this week he gave away T-shirts he designed himself to fans who wrote in what good deed they would do to improve the world. I was just amazed that someone (who isn't a boy scout or girl scout leader) would spend their time and money for the sole purpose of encouraging people to do good deeds- and I told him as much on his myspace page. I don't normally go around writing on celebrities myspace pages but he's different and I wholeheartedly believe that if you think a positive thought about someone, even if you don't know them, that you should tell them, because it can make someone's day (and they may really need that). Anyways, to get the whole story, I guess I have to show you what I wrote, so here is the comment I left him:

You're so awesome it's intimidating. If I ever saw you like randomly in real life I'm fairly certain I'd be too awe struck to do anything. Like who gives away free stuff to encourage people to do good deeds? Only really really awesome people, that's who. I like to think there are a lot of good hearted people like you in the world but we just don't know it because most of them aren't famous, ha, no offense if you have famous friends who are as equally awesome as yourself... I'm guessing if you're friends with them they are pretty rad. Anyways, I would say you give celebrities a good name but I feel like calling you a celebrity is like a down-grade because you're much more than that, you're a great person and I wish you ALL the happiness in the world and if you ever leave Criminal Minds, please give me fair warning so I can mentally prepare, especially if you die on the show ever I'll be in mourning cuz Dr. Spencer Reid kicks butt!

You can think I'm a nerd if you want, I am a nerd! I wasn't expecting a reply whatsoever, I honestly wasn't even sure if he'd read it because people are constantly leaving comments. So when I woke up this morning and saw in my email that I had a new comment to approve from MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER, I just about died, of happiness of course. 

Here is what he wrote (it's pretty much already framed on my wall, hahaha I AM kidding!):

thank you for the nicest compliment i have ever received.
you are too kind.
Happy end of September!

And that, my friends, makes my day and proves that it IS a good idea to tell all people, even random people you don't know, your positive thoughts about them haha. With that said, if I haven't complimented you lately, I'll work on it because each and every one of you have qualities in you that are admirable and amazing and extremely worth praise and I'd never want any of you to think otherwise or even doubt it for a second. On that note, I have to do some brainstorming for story ideas for a music video that I'm not officially working on and won't even be paid for if I do, but hey, it's a start. Wish me luck!


Samantha Schmaus said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME, dear- I'm so glad that something great happened to break your crappy-day streak! :)

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