Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The one where I got my first job interview

Yesterday was one of those days where it would be an overstatement to say I was mildly productive. I never left the house much less my pajamas. I think I needed one of those days to just soak in the reality of my new "home". My day consisted of being attacked by a cat named Chase who likes to attack my feet as I walk. I've never lived with cats before but Chase is too adorable not to love. He looks exactly like Salem on Sabrina the Teenage Witch - minus the talking, obviously!

Today though, I actually ventured out to Franklin, TN. Home of Jon and Shanelle (my friends I met while working at Disney World) AND Miley Cyrus (another close personal friend you've probably never heard of, pah!). Shanelle took me to Walgreens so I could be a greeting card for a friend's upcoming birthday and we stumbled upon the greatest cards EVER! You know how cards are usually categorized with things like "Girl's Birthday", "Thank you", "Encouragement", "Wedding" etc. Well today we found an entirely new card category called "Troubled Relationship". Shanelle and I enjoyed reading the extremely "poetic" cards to each other aloud. I mean, who wouldn't be won over with a card that says "This sucks. I hate being apart." We read about 4 cards and the lady looking at cards next to us says something along the lines of "Maybe their relationship wouldn't be troubled if they could actually talk to each other instead of using a card to do it" IT WAS SO PERFECT!!!

When I got home, I decided I should probably look at and/or apply for a few jobs (that IS the whole reason I moved here. That, and my hatred for winter) so I applied for an assistant position to a woman who owns a clothing and gift line and to my shock - I heard back right away! I interview tomorrow! It's a long commute (to Franklin) and only part-time and who knows what will come of it, if anything. But I haven't even been here a week and I have an interview and I have to believe that is a good sign!

The most exciting news of the week has to be the fact that I am going to Disney World on Sunday!! Jon and Shanelle invited me to join them on their trip so I am over the moon about going back. This past week or two has been such an emotional roller coaster- what with the excitement of my new adventure and sadness over saying goodbye- I could really really use some pure fun at Disney World to re-energize me. I'm going to work at least 1 shift while I'm there and most definitely have some fun. I have a shift on the night of a Halloween Party-which were ALWAYS my favorite. (Although half of the fun last year was watching my friend Murphy put together ridiculous outfits and sing and dance around the store since it was so slow during the parties-so I'll miss that but it'll still be fun!)

Anyhow, the "Wizards of Waverly Place Movie" is on and I'm a sucker for Disney Channel Orginal Movies but wish me luck on my interview tomorrow - let's just hope I don't get lost! I'm excited to check out downtown Franklin tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some fun pics or stories to share! Night! -Allie


Anonymous said...

good luck at the interview! yay for Walgreens-always there when you need something:)

Lily said...

Miss you allie!

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