Friday, July 23, 2010

The one with my Pink Palace

I can't believe I have lived in my new place for almost 5 months and not shown you! I did a whole spread on my crappy room in Kissimme and now I am in love with my room and I don't post it at all? That's just not right! So, without further ado....

Welcome to My room:
 I painted 1 wall in my room "Rasberry Splash". Until I left for college, I lived in a room with blue and beige walls. And I won't submit my future (and hopefully not imaginary) husband to living with pink walls, so essentially, I saw this as the one opportunity in life to have a pink room and I seized it!

I am also a fan of Tiffany Blue, so you can see splashes of that in there as well. This is not a complete tour of my room, I can't give you the complete run down of where everything is (like the pricless art and jewelry) because it's just not safe! lol I am kidding, my closet and desk just aren't that interesting...

On a different note, I am 3 days into my job at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's too soon to tell if I will like it so I will refrain from making any snap judgments. It's stupid because I enjoy being in the A/C but I miss the outdoors. And I enjoy not being rejected by guests but I am stressing over messing up their reservation now. It is kind of fun when I look out the window and see a giraffe just hanging out. I imagine people that work at a Zoo feel like this all the time. But to look up from my computer and see a giraffe is just so crazy!

Until next time,
Allie B


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