Thursday, May 27, 2010

The one with the Finale Madness

While May means college graduation to many (I graduated 2 years ago, yikes!), for the last 8 years, it's meant the crowning of a new American Idol! (Kelly Clarkson, the first Idol, won her title in September and then they changed it from there on out).

Anyways, normally I'd make a big spectacle of watching the Idol finale with friends. I went through the effort of requesting an early shift in order to ensure I could watch the finale episodes, so one would think I'd make plans to watch it with some friends. But I didn't. So I settle in to watch the antics of Simon's last Idol and what ensued really made me stop and go "hmmm times really are changing." Let me explain.

Although technically I watched the American Idol finale alone in my room, I felt as though I were watching it with several different people due to the marvels of modern technology. Every commercial break I received a phone call (ground breaking technology that phone lol) from someone (usually Emily) with comments about what had just happened. During the show I received and sent commentary text messages to friends watching it at their homes (I counted roughly 100 texts received in the 2 hour time span and countless sent). And I had a real-time discussion of the night's events with my friends Autumn and Drew via Facebook. All of the chatting, texting, calling made the finale way more entertaining and after it was over, I felt like I had experienced the finale with my friends even when some of them were back in Minnesota.

Essentially, when technology bridges the gap from MN to FL and makes it feel practically non-existent and allows me to continue with friendships despite the distance, I can't help but think it's a good thing. It is when technology starts becoming a substitute for actual in-person communication that I will begin to worry. But anyways, I am getting too in depth for my own good and literally just spent the last 20 minutes debating with myself  the future risks of relying too much on technology.

So on that

The best part of the night though was right after they announced that Lee had won, I called my friend Emily and told her that for her birthday, I bought us 4th row tickets to the American Idols live tour! I was going to wait to tell her on her actual birthday, but with the excitement of Lee winning, the timing was just right!

Anyhow, despite my desire to write more (I have news I am dying to share, but when the time is right!), I must continue onto other things on this wonderful sunny day in Orlando. Thanks for checking in, my friends =)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that many texts, huh?

Allie B said...

Roughly, yes, although not every text received during Idol pertained to Idol.

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