Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The One about my Favorite Hobby

When you do something BIG, like move, usually it is newsworthy. However, part of the definition of newsworthy is something that is a rare occurrence. So, with that in mind, it should not be news at all that I am moving, again. No joke, I really am moving, but before you go thinking I am too crazy, it's just a move across town!

I lasted 4 LONG MONTHS in Kissimmee, a suburb of Orlando I guess you could call it, the ghetto of Orlando is more like it though. I grew tired of the commute to work really fast. I probably spent about $100 a month in tolls, easily, since there are 2 tolls to and from work. Toll roads are called Tolls because they take a toll on your bank account. It's highway robbery!

Anyhow, the decision to move was not an easy one as my current roommates are as awesome as they get and I felt like moving them would be ditching them, which I did not want to do at all. But with my need-to-buy-a-car deadline approaching fast, I needed to make some changes that would save me money and thus make buying a car more affordable. So by moving closer to work, cutting out the toll roads and my commute by 75%, I will be saving enough to make a huge dent in a monthly car payment.

To top it off, I will be living with my former roommates Becca and Sheena and 2 new roommates Mel and Amber and for that, I am very excited! But wait! It gets better! For the first time in my entire life, I will have a WALK-IN CLOSET!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am so excited! I looked at it today and screamed like a little girl on Christmas who got a Barbie playhouse. Built in shelves, so much storage...it's amazing what a walk-in closet can do to improve a girl's mood.

Anyways, I've been moving my stuff over all week and will start living there for real April 1st. It's a great apartment complex pretty much 5 miles from work. Life is going to be so much easier being closer, or at least I'm hoping so! With the 40 minutes a day I'm going to save on drive-time, I might actually get my butt to the gym on a semi-regular basis. Let's hope! Anyhow, time to pack up a few more things and get to bed.

Bonus Features:
1) My computer was freaking out on me again, randomly shutting off for unknown reasons (kind of like my car, lol funny but not really, anyhow...) so I wiped it clean and reinstalled the Operating System (yikes!) and am currently working on restoring music, photos and other documents. Pray it works. It's such a headache!

2) I just checked, my music is SAVED!!!! That's just about the best news all day right there. The bad news is that my play counts on iTunes were erased so now I will have to recreate my top 25 most played which was 2 years in the making of some of my all time faves. The good news is my Top 25 most played will no longer make me cringe because of that one summer I listened to a little too much Miley Cyrus. =)


esperanza1527 said...

allie... Miley Cyrus? I'd say the music count being erased was meant to be... About the previous post, Cub Foods man? Did you get his autograph?

Kelli McDonald said...

your favorite hobby is saving money?

that is what I gathered from this blog.

Allie B said...

Well the move was a financial one, but over the course of 5 months I think this was my 3rd move and I moved 9 times in 2009. So I move more than I do any of my actual hobbies sadly enough.

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