Thursday, March 25, 2010

The One about Epcot (and other various changes!)

Today I got 2 pieces of job-related news to wrap my mind around..... Shift bids were this week (that's where everyone in my department re-picks what park they work at and what their days off will be). Being low on the totem pole I don't really get to pick, I'm moreso just told what's left for me to have. Having only ever worked at Magic Kingdom, I clearly hoped that Magic Kingdom is where I would be placed. However, since that is what I wanted I should have known that is not what I would get, because that's just how my life goes you know? lol If you couldn't guess from the title of the blog I got placed at Epcot.

Epcot's Pros:
Closer Parking (at Magic you have to park like on the moon and then take a bus)
Nicer guests (the mood is more relaxed than at Magic and guests are willing to talk more)
Shade (stand under the big ball, avoid the sun, it's that simple)
Wind (their is a wind tunnel created by the big ball, which will come in very handy on a hot summer day)
No interuptions (At magic kingdom, you have 4 parades, numerous marching bands, a flag retreat and goodness knows what else that make talking to guests impossible, Epcot as no such interruptions)

Epcot's Cons:
NO FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if you realize this but my job is made 100% better by my co-workers and for the most part, they all work at Magic Kingdom! No Jason, No Ariel, No Jordan, No Tracey, No Andrew, No Sarah, No Angela, the list goes on and on. I will miss you, my friends, come visit me. With my luck, the Epcot ball will come loose and roll me over and squash me like the Disney-slave ant that I am. If that happens, please feel free to play Hanson at my funeral.

Also, another con, the cafeteria is like a million miles away. But that could be a con hidden as a pro because it will motivate me to bring my own beverage to lunch and not buy anything, hence it will save me money. (I always bring my own meal, I just usually buy a beverage because fountain pop IS the best! Aren't you glad you know that completely useless fact about me now!?)

I also cannot explain directions at Epcot if my life depended on it. I am usually really good at getting a visual map in my head of any place I go after walking around it 1 time, but not Epcot. Where is soarin you ask? Head that direction and find the next cast member so they can tell you. That will be my answer. lol The closest smoking section? Heck if I know. I can tell you the location of every single smoking section in the Magic Kingdom, the menus of almost every restaurant (quick service and sit down), the food served at every cart in the Magic Kingdom, the location of every bathroom with detailed directions on how to get there no matter where we are currently standing and pretty much anything else you want to know. Basically, I rock the face off of Magic Kingdom and pride myself on knowing it inside and out. Epcot is a mystery to me. I like to tell myself that I need to figure out Epcot like I have figured out Magic Kingdom so that when I am President of Walt Disney World I know all the parks well haha and then I woke up from my dream...

Today I also found out that I did not get the Research Coordinator position that I applied/interviewed for. I interviewed last week and it went really well, I was pleased with how I did and really went into it with the attitude that interviews are always good practice and I had no expectation of actually getting the position. So I was not surprised to hear that I did not get it. I did, however, get relief coordinator! Essentially, whenever one of the coordinators has a day off or calls in sick, the pull a relief coordinator to fill in! So that is exciting and will bring on some new challenges that I can tackle!

So a lot of changes at work and in life but more about the life changes LATER. I am off to bed, gotta get up early tomorrow and open Epcot, go figure!! Until next time...

Bonus Features:
1) Only my Minnesota friends will get this most I met one of the co-founders of Cub foods! How insanely random, huh? I just saw this old man walking with a Mall of America hat on so I started chatting with him, turns out he started the biggest Grocery store chain in all of Minnesota!
2) Who watches American Idol? This season kinda blows, not going to lie, but I am all about Casey and Lee. Those 2 are probably the only 2 that I would buy a CD of, maybe Crystal. It's just a world of different from last season when I loved the whole top 10 practically.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! I didn't realize Cub was strictly a MN company...crazy business.
Things will chin up soon for you pal! YAY for epcot!

Allie B said...

Cub has stores in other states too, but it's main state in MN and it was started in MN.

whatupfool said...

awesome blog. i happen to be googling relief coordinator disney and this blog came up. i was only googling it b/c an old friend told me they got the job. How is it working at disney? i thought about it.. maybe sometime later this year. we'll see.

Allie B said...

I'm glad you think my blog is awesome. Working at Disney is great most of the time. I love Disney, so that helps. If you like being nice to people, then Disney is a great place to work, if ,then I wouldn't suggest it lol.

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