Thursday, January 21, 2010

The one with my new casa

Yay for a new update, right?! Only like a 22 day gap! I wasn't feeling very inspired to write at times then when I was, I had no time!! So instead of writing about my last 22 days, I decided to just show you my life in photos. More fun I think!

New Years Eve 2010!!! It was a Black & White party and we girls had a fun time taking pics, clearly.

Home for Christmas! Only a two weeks late, but whatever! Home sweet home!

Got to see my little brothers, Lucas (L) and Jared (R). They are adorable, I know.

Church with my mom and Sis - nothing feels more like home than a Sunday with family. PS How am I the only one NOT wearing pink!? Everyone take note, history was made and this pic is proof.

Got to see my friends who I love and miss a lot when I'm in Florida! This pic is with Lily (L) and Jenna (R). I love those girls! Christine, Nate and Mike were also there! And I got to spend a whole day with Trisha and a wonderful afternoon with Emily! Sadly I didn't get to see my friends still up in Duluth! Next time, I promise!

Back to life...back to reality...

I took back 2 full suitcases of things from home so I could finally make my room in Florida a little more "me". So here is a tour of my room! We start at the is my door:

 Yes, I did make door decs for me and my roommates (RA for life!)

Is it too much pink!? Hahaha. I really don't think it is. Seriously. It's more white if you ask me.

This is the view from my bed. I am very proud of that bookcase, because I assembled it myself and it was harder than the desk I assembled the week prior. Don't ask me how!

I am even more proud of this collage than I am of the bookcase. I found this quote card (center) and was inspired to make this. The quote says "Good friends are like stars. You may not always see them but you know they are always there." So I printed off pics of some of my closest friends (emphasis on the ones I don't always get to see, like the quote implies) and made this collage. (See yourself!? Autumn, the first pic I took, there was a glare right on your face, but I re-took the pic just so you could see that you're there! Love you!)

And I don't know why I felt compelled to show you what our bathroom looks like, but it's cute and all color coordinated (pink, purple and brown!) so I'm like, sure, why not!? I'd show you the rest of the house but it's not nearly as exciting. We're thinking about painting the walls and decorating, so until that happens, you'll just have to wait in suspense. =)

Anyways, not much else is new! I loved being home, it felt like a real vacation and it was amazing. I miss everyone there so much but the cold weather and scary winter driving was a good reminder as to why I don't think I want to deal with winters like that for my ENTIRE life. So even if I just take a few years break from winter, that's better than nothing.

If this is the only part of my blog you read, you'd know everything that's going on in my life right now:
Work = I'm surviving
Career = always a work in progress, hopefully I'll have news in the coming months
Friends = Fun and much too spread out across the globe
Roommates = I have a new one, Jessi, who I used to work with at the Emporium and is AWESOME!!
Family = Miss them
Faith = Stronger than ever
Concerts = none on the horizon ::picture me, looking very sad right about now::
Boys = let's not go there
Rock Band Talent (Drums) = Decent
Rock Band Talent (Singing) = Laughable

As always, thanks for reading!