Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The One Where I Get All Caught Up!

Oh my word it's been over a MONTH since I updated. What is wrong with me? I've been overwhelmed with SO MANY good things to discuss that I simply didn't post at all. I am not kidding. I wanted to do an individual blog about each and every topic below because it was all so awesome, so here is the Cliffs Notes version I guess! 

The biggest change in the last month? I don't work at Animal Kingdom Lodge right now! Say what?!!? 

Well, the week I started at Animal Kingdom Lodge was the same week they posted a hiring notice for Guest Relations. Now, Guest Relations has been a job I've had my eye on for some time. It is the whole reason I went to Concierge as Concierge does a lot of similar things to Guest Relations (GR), the major difference being that one is at the resorts and one is at the theme parks. Anyhow, hundreds of people apply for GR and from the power of prayer and pixie dust, I was chosen! And at Magic Kingdom, of course! (Magic Kingdom is always where I am placed, it is my home I feel like.) The job, as of now, is a temporary assignment through January 1st. There may or may not be room to make it a permanent placement, so only time will tell. I love Animal Kingdom Lodge and I love Magic Kingdom. I feel like I am in a win-win situation right now.

Having a job as a Concierge though over the past month has proven to be quite advantageous. 

I went on 2 fireworks cruises....
Nothing beats seeing the fireworks from the water. There are no distractions. No annoyingly tall people blocking your view (ha, who me?). It's just so calm and beautiful.

 Had a private tour of the Savannahs at AKL...

Saw Cirque Du Soliel from the 3rd row.....
That is my friend Marianna, she is an ICP from Mexico. She is precious. I feel lucky to have her as a friend!

Did the Tom Petty Driving Experience....
That guy was trying to be nice helping me get in the car, but I was a pro.

Even outside of my work-provided fun, it has been crazy! My mom and her friends came to Florida to celebrate her 50th Birthday. I had a great time showing them around the Magic Kingdom. We also got in some much needed relaxation time at the condo in Clearwater. My mom and her friends sure know how to have a good time...

In addition to seeing my mom, I also got to see my good friends Jon and Shanelle. We surprised Jon at Hollywood Studios with a Birthday Party! It was pretty epic. Jon says he didn't cry. A picture is worth a thousand words, but I only need 3: Yes he did.

As a part of the birthday celebration, we got seated in VIP at Fantasmic. We ever so discretely took photos of Jason Castro from American Idol who happened to be sitting behind us. (He's the one w/the dreads for you "too cool" people who claim to be above watching Idol =)

Funny story: that GR CM in the photo, yep, totally one of my trainers this week and I just noticed that. It's a small world after all! I will have to tell her about this lol

Bonus Features - Picture Edition!! 
I made a friend named Kyle, he was 1 of my Concierge trainers. 
And I bought a Mickey straw, both epic in their own ways. 

I wanted to go to the Halloween party as Tinker-Belle. Essentially Princess Belle in fairy form, but I couldn't find yellow wings so I was Summer-Time Belle instead. It was fun!
I learned it is funny, yet frowned upon, to give Cinderella Bunny ears in a photo.

Never take for granted sitting around a table for dinner with Family. I couldn't remember the last time I had this, so when it happened in Clearwater with my mom and her friends (who are practically family), I just had to take a photo. It's the simple things in life that matter =)

Coming Attractions:
I made a fort with Becca and Cory, I broke my camera, I replaced my camera, I saw the Cinderella Castle Suite, I went to Drag Bingo. (Disclaimer: Not all events stated just now happened in 1 day, but what a day that woulda been, right?!) Stay tuned friends. I won't keep you waiting so long next time! I promise!